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Another Methodology is the musical philosophy and stage name of musical artist Steven Burns. As Electronica got a strong following in the 90’s, Steven explored all Dance genres using hardware for live performances. His peers nicknamed him ‘DJ Locodoc’ for his surgically sliced break beats and crazy warped bass lines. In the late 90’s he transitioned into Drum and Bass, Hip Hop and R&B. 


In the 2000’s he became a songwriter for a NYC production team. He worked with Grammy award winning artists and producers. By 2005, he had transitioned to movie and commercial scoring and even got 2 independent UK artists signed to major labels. However, he refused to sign with the labels due to restrictions on artistic freedom.


Steven took a hiatus in the late 2008, but still wrote music. He expanded his studio over the next few years. By happenstance, he captured the attention of promoters of the annual ‘Sacred Space’ festival. Captivating the crowd, he was invited to return. The Stupid Happy Collective offered membership in 2020 after a few wild, crazy performances.


When asked why he still writes and performs, Steven replies “Music is the great equalizer, when done right, it reaches everyone. Nothing is purer than someone dancing and grooving to your songs.” Steven also mentors young artists and musicians while passing on his knowledge of music production. His current genres include Bass House, Dubstep, EDM, and Trap. When not performing, he spends time with his family and does photography.

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