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Stupid Happy Collective is a group of Producers, Content Creators, Stage Crew and DJs out of the Midwest with a passion for bringing out of this world experiences to life.


Established in 2019, the Stupid Happy Collective united Rapid City's finest in the underground electronic music scene with a common goal in mind: Bring the electronic scene in the Black Hills of South Dakota to life. 

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The first Stupid Happy curated event, 'The Headbanger's Ball' took place in mid-February at the Dahl Arts Center. After involvement  and collaboration with Sacred Space to bring extra staging firepower to their second annual 'Sacred Space Music Festival' in the summer of 2019, plans began for the collaborative late-summer fest 'Synesthesia.'

Gaining more traction we started working with

Black Hills area venues such as Aby's Feed and Seed, IRON PHNX,  The Cave Collective, the 445 Martini Lounge, Hay Camp Brewing Company, and FLYT Nightclub in Deadwood. Going into 2022 with heads held high and eyes set for success, the Stupid Happy Collective and all of its members THANK YOU for supporting us in this incredible journey.

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