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In the mystic heart of the Black Hills, where the ancient echoes of nature intertwine with the pulsating beats of a modern time, resides a dynamic musical force known as Black Hole Era. Comprising the visionary minds of Austin Settje (Beef Supreme) and Owen Mechling (Mech.), this electronic duo has taken the midwest by storm with their unique performances blending sound and light.


Drawing inspiration from a diverse array of genres and sonic landscapes, Black Hole Era has honed a distinctive sound that fuses elements of ambient, downtempo, and experimental electronic music. Their compositions blend captivating melodies, textured soundscapes, and intricate rhythms, weaving together a sonic tapestry that transports listeners into waves of emotion and selflessness. Combined with perfectly coordinated lights and visuals by SHAPER, the Black Hole Era live experience is one to behold.


They released their debut EP, Black Hole Era in 2022, and have since put out quite a few releases on the Stupid Happy label, including Dub World 3000 with drum and bass wizard Nizzbeats. As Black Hole Era continues to ascend new heights, their journey remains deeply rooted in the very sounds that birthed their vision.

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