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Reed Lindbloom, known locally as DEMIGOD, is a dubstep and hybrid trap producer. I was a founding member of Black Hills Bass in 2018, with a few close friends with a love for electronic music. We would promote, run production and dj the events. Shortly after, I connected with Stupid Happy Collective and am so blessed to have found a group of great people who share the love and passion for this community. I started producing in 2019, just after Kai Wachi's Demigod album came out. The album perfectly encompassed every aspect of electronic music I have always loved, and inspired me to pay homage to my favorite artist by branding as DEMIGOD. I've always had a passion for high energy, aggressive music inspired by a love for metal, with trap and hip hop drums giving the hybrid feel. I've been working hard on producing material for the new year, and am so excited to express myself to you all through this music. 

Reed has a bachelor's degree in Finance & Economics, and a Master's degree is Business Management, and is currently learning and navigating a career in the mortgage industry in Rapid City.

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