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Jarek is a Producer and Bass Wizard that has slung dirty bass music at Events & Festivals all across the Upper Midwest since 2015. Jarek has released 11 tracks and played support to artists such as: Eliminate, VAMPA, JPhelpz, GDubz & Slimez. JRock's sets are full of multi-track drops and Original content made specifically for Liveshows. In early 2020 he was chosen to open in Fargo, ND for Liquid Stranger, Dirt Monkey, Hydraulix & INZO before the Ascension Tour was cancelled early on due to COVID. Jarek spent most of 2020 in the studio honing his craft and learning new sound design techniques, It's rumoured he has over 10 unreleased tracks ready to drop on you sweet sweet wooks this year. His style ranges from Deep Organic Dub to Heavy Dubstep Hitters sure to get everyone bangin that head. 


Jarek graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Geological Engineering and currently manages the GIS & Drone departments at his firm. His current interests and activities include: Shreddin Gnar, building guitars, raising his puppy with Ali, frolf & working at the studio that he owns with his Dad - his greatest Mentor. 

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