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Stupid Happenthings 001 (07/2022)

Hey all!

It's TRANSMUTE with the Stupid Happy Collective! I conversed with the SHC crew and we agreed that having a monthly blog to keep you, our lovely fans, in the loop would probably be a good idea. BEHOLD! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ The creation of the Stupid HAPPENTHINGS(hehe) blog series! In this blog, we will discuss our upcoming events, and the upcoming releases and projects from the crew.

I made you guys a little drawing :)))


First things first, we will be at Prairie Pothole Music Festival in Anamoose, ND next week on the 22nd of July! SHC members and set times are as follows:

Synesthesia is on the horizon! We are just a little under 2 months away from delivering South Dakota's premiere electronic music and camping festival! That means get your early bird tickets while you still can. You can expect a phase 1 line up to be announced later this week! We are so excited to have you all in the majestic Black Hills of South Dakota. Make sure to follow the Synesthesia Facebook page to see all of the most recent updates!


The boys are back at it again! Black Hole Era has been in The Lands Between cooking up a new spicy chune for all ye tarnished... expect a new single from BHE at the end of the month!


Stupid Happy will have a community Discord server within the next month. We think that having you amazing people as close to the action, will help us build a stronger community and help you all find more like minded people to hang out with. This group is a family from all different walks of life, so let's try our best to be respectful and responsible to one another.

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Kaci Krebs
Kaci Krebs
12 thg 1, 2023

Great Update! Love the drawing


Bella Pereyra
Bella Pereyra
27 thg 7, 2022

Oh yeah babyyyyy

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